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Milk Homogenizer

Milk Homogenizer

As a major Manufacturer and Exporter of Milk Homogenizer, we look forward to delight our customers with our commitment towards quality. The product on offer is made of top notch raw material. Customers can get it in different colors, shapes and sizes. Our creative staff ensures it is nothing short of imaginative exquisiteness. We make the product available at economical rates.

Features :

  • Homogenizer is a special equipment of the liquid material thinning and high pressure transportation.
  • This equipment is widely used in the production, scientific research and technical development of a lot of areas, such as: food, beverage, dairy, drink, pharmacy, chemical industry, biological technology and so on.
  • It is used as high pressure homogenizer. It can cause the material thinning and mixture under the three actions of extruding, strong impacting and decompression inflating. It is an important equipment of food, dairy food, drink processing and so on.
  • For the production of ice cream and other products, can improve the fineness of feed solution and porosity, making it the intrinsic quality has improved significantly.
  • Used for juice, sauce and other production fluids, can serve to prevent or reduce the liquid in the layer, the role of improving the appearance of solid to liquid to make it more vivid color, smell degrees thicker, more alcohol taste.
  • Compared with other homogenizing devices, it has the following features:
  • High efficiency, energy can be utilized completely
  • Flow rate is large, pressure can be adjusted.
  • Stainless steel pump can bear corrosion, suitable for all kinds of material.
  • Good tinning effect, kernels in liquid can be tinned to less than 1 micron.